Mission Beekeeping operates in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties with the mission of maintaining healthy bees that are well suited for Southern California. We do this by breeding our own queens that are capable of laying year round.  The qualities we look for in breeder hives are: disease free, docile and swarm/mite resistant.  We are working on a breed of queens that can completely resist mites but until that day comes we treat the bees twice a year (August and December) with Apivar which can be purchased through Mann Lake.

After years of being a hobby backyard beekeeper, Steve Nimmer decided to turn his passion for bees into a business. He grew up in Carpinteria where he found his passion for gardening and working with animals. His wife and co-owner, Kelly, a native of Ojai, is a certified health educator with a Master’s in Public Health whom coordinates the business’ marketing and communications.  Little Wesley likes to eat honey and drive around on dad’s forklift.

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