Steve Nimmer, owner and operator of Mission Beekeeping, grew up in Carpinteria with an innate love of plants and animals. As an adult, this love manifested itself as a desire to homestead, garden and fish.   After graduating from UC Santa Cruz in 2009 Steve started beekeeping as a hobby when a neighbor showed him some beehives and was able to point out the queen.  Steve’s first two hives didn’t survive more than a few months but his third hive produced a bumper crop of honey and he was able to split that hive into 2 other hives.  Although Steve didn’t realize it at the time, this was the beginning a growing beekeeping business.  Today, Mission Beekeeping keeps roughly between 500-600 hives in Ventura County and Carpinteria with the mission of providing pollination to local growers as well as selling nucleus colonies to hobbyist beekeepers and producing local, raw and unfiltered honey.

Steve’s wife and co-owner, Kelly, a native of Ojai, is a certified health educator with a Master’s in Public Health whom coordinates the business’ marketing and communications.  Little Wesley likes to eat honey and drive around on dad’s forklift.

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