Mission Beekeeping operates in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties with the mission of finding happy homes where hives can thrive. We do this by relocating hives in unsafe areas to other maintained apiaries in Ojai and Ventura. Additionally, we have our own stock of bees that are bred to be mite resistant, disease free and docile.

For new bee owners and seasoned beekeepers, we can provide onsite consultation and year round bee care services. Our methods to raise bees are non-toxic, natural and without antibiotics to ensure the bees’ long-term health. We believe, educate and advocate that all beekeepers and bee owners should utilize these same natural practices.

After years of being a hobby backyard beekeeper, Steve Nimmer decided to turn his passion for bees into a business. He grew up in Carpinteria where he first fell in love with farming and gardening. His wife and co-owner, Kelly, a native of Ojai, is a certified health educator with a Master’s in Public Health whom coordinates the business’ marketing and communications.

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