Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you keep your bees?

Our bees are kept in the orange groves of East End Ojai, at Lake Casitas around wildflowers and sage, among the avocado trees in Carpinteria and on an organic raspberry farm in Oxnard/Camarillo area.

Do you remove bee swarms or established bee hives? 

No we do not. We recommend reaching out to a local beekeeping group or hobbyist beekeepers. 

Where do you get your queens? 

We either graft our own bees to maintain the healthy docile genetics of the hives or buy from a reputable source. 

Do your bees travel for any pollination?

Yes, a majority of our hives travel to Central California for a few weeks every February to pollinate the almond trees. Otherwise, the bees stay local (see map) and may move around locally depending on the season.  

Do you offer any tours, workshops or bee education of any kind?

We have begun to offer regular tours of one of our apiaries. You can read more and register here

Is your honey raw? What does raw mean?

 Our honey is raw and unfiltered. Raw honey means the honey hasn’t been changed from its original form. So, it hasn’t been pasteurized (heated up) of filtered (through screens). This ensures that our honey keeps its naturally occurring nutritional benefits.  

Does honey help with allergies?

Yes, honey has trace amounts of pollen in it which is what can help with allergies.

Is your honey flavored?

Our honey isn’t artificially flavored, but we can have five different varieties of honey throughout the year – orange, wildflower, avocado, raspberry and sage. The different color and taste is because the bees are collecting different types of nectar depending on where they are located. 

Is your honey organic? 

Technically organic honey isn’t possible. Bees can forage up to four miles so there is no way to guarantee they are ONLY collecting nectar from organic sources. Actually USDA won’t even certify honey as organic in this country, but does recognize organic beekeeping practices. Read more here. 

What do I do if my honey crystallizes?

Honey crystallizes if it is stored over time in a cooler place. IF you want your honey to be liquid again, then place the jar in a pot of WARM (not boiling) water. If it gets too hot then it can lose its taste and nutritional benefits. 

Does honey ever go bad?

No, honey never goes bad and doesn’t expire. The only thing that can ruin honey is water.

Where can I buy your honey?

All the grocery stores in Ojai – Westridge, Rainbow Bridge, Farmer and the Cook – and at the Ojai Community Farmers Market every Thursday from 3 to 7. 


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