Honey for Sale

We are currently selling our jars of honey at the Ojai Community Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons, Farmer & The Cook, Rainbow Bridge and Westridge in Ojai. We also sell our honey in bulk in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums. Depending on the time of year we have five types of honey available – orange blossom, avocado, wildflower, sage and raspberry. The orange blossom is from East End Ojai, avocado from Carpinteria, wildflower and sage from Lake Casitas area and raspberry from Oxnard/Camarillo area.

Each year we only pull a fraction of the honey to allow the bees to feed off of it through the fall and winter when there is very little nectar available. Our honey is raw and unfiltered, but technically not organic because bees can travel up to a couple miles to collect nectar and it is impossible to determine which flora they have visited. In fact, USDA will not certify honey as organic because of this reason.

Pollination Services

We are a locally based pollination beekeeping business with about 500 to 600 hives. Our bees stay in Ventura County or Carpinteria, year-round, except for one month out of the year, they go to California’s Central Valley to pollinate almond trees. Please contact us if interested in hosting our bees on your farm.

Nuc Colony Sales now for sale for 2024 pick up

Get your 5 Frame Nuc on order today! We have a limited supply of very high-quality nucs that will be packed with bees and a laying queen and ready to be transferred into your equipment.


  • 5 Deep Frames
  • Italian Queen
  • Minimum 2 Frames or Brood
  • Frame of Pollen
  • Frame of Honey
  • Cardboard Nucleus Box
On average between 20-40% colonies die off every year due to a number of different issues that plague bees (pesticides, varroa mites, beetles, nosema, starvation).

Proper care can lower the die off rate to less than 10%.

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For more information or to request any of our services, please contact us below.

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